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Well, now that my soft story building is no longer “soft” by any means, I want to congratulate Retro Experts for a job well done. This LA City mandatory requirement was not easy to accept but at least, dealing with the staff at Retro Experts and their resources allowed me to get through it pleasantly and without hidden costs.

If I had to do this again, I would hire them. It all started out with Dalia, the sales and financing specialist who met me in October 2016 at my 14 units building on W Vanowen St in Van Nuys. When Dalia met me, I was ready to make a decision and by taking me to one of her active construction site at a nearby building on Cohasset St which was very similar to mine, I knew that I would be in good hands with Retro Experts. I have 7 tuck-under parking spaces below 2 additional stories in the back that required a huge moment frame to be assembled right there in the narrow confine of my tiny parking area. I have 2 additional tuck-under parking spaces in the front where a cantilevered column was installed without disrupting the architectural details. On the contrary, the facade now looks even more attractive.Their staff is very professional and pleasant to work with. They have competitive pricing and offer the best customer service I know. Dee Soffer is the CEO that always helps me with the quotes and contracts. She is very knowledgeable and always gives me the best price for quality engineering and construction. Arie Aharon is the COO who comes on site daily to coordinate the work schedule and installation. He too has been in the business for a long time and sends out his team of installers who know my particular requirements. Eli Fitlovitz is the CFO and he too overlooks the activity on a daily basis. That way, each step of the installation was done timely, with the least disruption, with all units occupied.The best asset Retro Experts has is their affiliation with Maya Steel Fabrications in Gardena. Vice President, Meir Amsalam delivers major pre fabricated structural steel beams to order in no more than 2 days turnaround. Maya also promptly provided all Certified welders as required. This allows for the project to take off from the onset and move along as fast and efficiently as possible to meet aggressive plan guidelines.Another precious asset has been the services provided by the firm John Labib & Associates Structural Engineers. Their expertise allowed this project to navigate through Building and Safety.

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